Superior Control Solutions

Anyone can claim they deliver quality. We prove it with our certificates. They represent symbols of trust and confidence. You can rest assured that not only our end products, but also all the materials and components we use, and all our procedures and processes meet the highest quality standards.

UL 508A

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. Today, UL is one of the most important independent bodies in the world for testing and certifying materials, components and end products in the area of product safety.


The strict safety requirements in the USA and Canada serve as the basis for this. No other test mark can demonstrate a comparable status. LIFTRONIC has been UL-certified since 2017 and is subject to regular, unannounced inspections. The benefit to you: exporting to the USA and Canada is safe, simple and straightforward. You save valuable time and avoid elevated costs.

ISO 9001

LIFTRONIC has been certified according to the globally recognized ISO 9001 standard since 1999. It forms the basis for a comprehensive quality management system based on underlying principles such as customer focus, process optimization, continual improvement and risk management.