Material Lift Project Testimonials

Whether for the trade, automotive industry, aviation or food production: We have been designing, developing and producing control solutions for the most demanding requirements for around half a century. Leading customers worldwide place their trust in our technical expertise and experience. We are particularly proud of this. We would be delighted to show you some selected customer projects in the area of material lifts.

Standardized Elevator Control For Global Warehouses

Together with the customer we have developed a standard for global warehouses that meets more than the elevator specifications alone.
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Highest Free-Standing Elevator In Europe

The highest free-standing elevator in Europe is 7,664 ft above sea level. Reliably operated by a control from LIFTRONIC.
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Modular Goods Elevator Control

Based on our L3000 and fully modular and pluggable with all relevant technical elevator components, our modular freight elevator control now enjoys enormous recognition around the world among a wide variety of different customers.
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