Meticulous technical analysis and project management form the basis for the success of your project.

For us to offer you the best solution, we need to understand exactly what your needs and wishes are. These then have to be brought into line with the mandatory legal and in-country regulations. We record and document your entire project as a matter of course. Feasibility studies and safety assessments make up just as much a part of our consulting services, as do training courses. We know the pitfalls of international shipping inside and out and make sure that your goods reach their destination safely and intact.

We analyze, calculate and certify the performance level of the all safety-related parts of your control system

We verify the feasibility of your specifications for new systems or retrofits, taking into account all national and international regulations

We can demonstrate extensive expertise and knowledge of standards (ISO, ANSI, EN, UL, CSA), type testing & quality assurance

We deliver packaging solutions developed in-house to match the shipping method; close cooperation with local partners, global network

We log and document your entire project for end-to-end transparency

We offer advice on and run specific technical training courses for our end customers' employees