Control system engineering

We also impose the highest quality standards on our production process.

We produce everything from prototypes to one-off products to large series internally at our two facilities in Kleinandelfingen (CH) and Ohio (USA). This allows us to act with agility and react flexibly at all times. We master complex national and international standards and are UL-certified (UL 508A). This make the process of exporting much easier, secure and more efficient. Our engineering team supports and guides our productions directly and very closely.

This allows us to integrate all types of interface fully. All the electronic components we develop we also manufacture in-house, and then assemble in the control cabinet and program. We also offer to manufacture cable sets, which we then produce entirely to your specifications. And finally, we set up and assemble all the components and put them through their paces so that nothing stands in the way of problem-free installation and commissioning.